Tenant FAQ

Find your next apartment, townhouse, or house for rent here on sarnia4rent.com
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How much does it cost to use this site?
There is NO COST.  It is FREE for anyone to use this website to search for available rental units.  Browse away!

What geographical area do the rental properties on this website cover?
sarnia4rent.com is for all of Sarnia and Lambton County.

Do many landlords list properties on this site?
A large number of landlords are now posting their vacant rental units on sarnia4rent.com. Please come back over and over again as you need to find a new place to rent.

Can I help sarnia4rent.com get more landlords listing their units on this site?
Yes.  The more landlords that list here, the better this site is for you.  So if you like this site, tell everyone you know about it!  Tell your friends who are also tenants.  Tell your landlord.  Tell your friends’ landlords.  Get the word out!

Can I submit my name and the type of rental unit I am looking for and then have sarnia4rent.com contact me when a rental unit that matches my criteria becomes available?
sarnia4rent.com is about to introduce a tenant membership where you can do this very thing. Watch for it! Coming soon.

Can I fill out an Application to Rent form online?
Presently this option is not available.  But if you think it would be helpful to fill out one application form online that could be accessed by the landlords you wanted to apply with, contact us and let us know that this would be of help to you.  The idea is that once you filled out a standard Application to Rent form, it would be stored securely on our site, and you would be issued an I.D. number.  You would give this number to the landlords or managers you wanted to apply with, and they would access your application from their own computers.  Please let us know if this would interest you.

Final Note
Local.  One convenient, centralized location.  Easy to find.  Easy to use.  Join the growing number of tenants using sarnia4rent.com to find their next places to rent.  Click… click… found it!  It’s that easy.

Any unanswered questions, contact us.

Sarnia/Lambton’s best location for finding your next place to rent!


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